June 10, 2009

Life before dogs

Before I had dogs, I had another life. I was an artist. My mediums were rubber stamps, bookmaking, beads and then glass. A dear friend and I traveled down this addictive path together and she became an amazing jewelry designer. Her website http://www.silverparrotdesigns.net/ and while I love my dogs, I'm somewhat envious that she's still actively engaged in her artistic outlet while raising an absolutely wonderful son as a single mom.

And why am I writing this? Because she's having a contest to get rid of her extra stash of beads and I want them....because, you know, someday I might return to the craft room....someday. Shameless, aren't I?

June 09, 2009

When it's quiet...worry.

Those of you who are parents know that rule. Those of us with Siberian Huskies have a similar rule.

Last time it was quiet, the dogs were outside with Daddy's Blackberry (for the 2nd time). That's Dogs: 3 - Smartphones (and people) - 0 for those of you keeping score.

Remember when the Satinklette's got my new glasses? Yep, another quiet time that should have been investigated.

I got new glasses yesterday. Then, while I sit over here at the computer, I hear the sound of hard plastic....what on earth could that be? You guessed it. Robin thought my new, purple bifocals would be cool.

Luckily for her, she didn't past the "sneaking them out of the house" stage of destruction.

One of these days we're going to be smarter than the dogs.