January 16, 2006

The SUV at Kaos

Ok, so he's a puppy. His name is Humvee and he's Katie's new favorite toy. He's hanging out, during the day in the puppy palace (a 6x9 enclosure in the house) and when we're home he hangs out with the rest of the crew...especially Katie, although Frosty is very excited that there's someone smaller than her in the family. I don't think she remembers that both Katie and Satinka were smaller than her at one point.

Hummie, or stinky puppy boy as Grandma calls him, belongs to our friends Tony & Adele. They're in the middle of the "move from hell" (my words) from sunny, southern California to Eastern Washington, a place where they have something called WINTER. They started this move in early November...when WINTER happens. So, while they're living in their motorhome while their house is being built and the rest of the Maskarade crew is living in temporary quarters, Hummie is hanging out at Kamp Kaos, living the life of luxury.

Having a puppy around certainly keeps us all on our toes. It's hard to get out of the house in the morning on time...he's distracting! And, like Dakar, Elvira and Stevee...it's going to be hard to let him go back to his folks when the time comes. Until then, however, we'll continue spoiling him rotten.

And, yes, Hummie is eating raw, like the rest of the crew. His breeder and owners think I'm a little weird that way (ok, so do lots of other people) but when I said it was a condition of him staying at Kamp Kaos, there was a graceful surrender. He *loves* his meal time...to the point of waking the the house on weekends "can we get some service here?" when the staff (that would be me) is trying to sleep in.