July 28, 2006

Kaos' newest Hotshot

Speaking of Dixie...her name is now Belle, or Bella...and she's in a wonderful pet home. Hmmm, I'm sensing a theme...girls from these lines do NOT come to live at Kaos. Remember Latte, now Denali living in a wonderful pet home? Now Dixie, aka Bella? What gives?

What gives is that now I'm getting a wonderful little red boy, Artika-Couloir's Into the Fire aka Blaze. I wanted to call him Hotshot, for the elite wild fire fighting crews, but well...Hotshot just seemed so presumptious..and it was already far too easy to change that last vowel out for another...ya know what I'm saying? So, Blaze is moving into Kaos. Ryder and I have had long, long talks about how he's always going to be Momma's baby and her favorite red boy, so I think we'll be OK there. (By the way, Ry's tumor on his testicle was malignant, but with it removed during neutering, there's very little chance anything else will come of it.) Ry's promised to take Blaze under his paw and teach him the ropes at Kaos. "Be afraid, be very afraid" is what comes to mind. And I am. But I'm also very excited. A puppy is so full of potential and watching them grow up and mature is such a learning process and just plain fun!

Speaking of Blaze, here's a picture of the little rascal at about 6 weeks old ...isn't he adorable?

Here he is just last weekend...they grow SO fast!

So, now that we're approaching the end of the flooring project (the tiles are installed, and just waiting for us to seal the grout - of course staining it in the process because we don't like the color we chose) I've got to bump it up a notch so I have somewhere to set up the puppy palace!

Satinka, Hummee and I are on the road next weekend to go pick up their new baby brother and I can't wait.