July 10, 2007

Blaze The Magnificent

Last night we took Robin (aka the Red Headed Screaming Demon Child) to PetSmart, to work on some issues (namely screaming when told to do something she doesn't want to do) and we put all the dogs outside.

Sean pulled up as we were getting in the car, he opened the door and came back out quickly "Why is Blaze loose in the house?" Oh no, not again...so soon after having accidentally left Robin inside, I couldn't believe I'd done it again...and this time with a boy who a) marks and b) CAN reach the counter tops. But wait, I distinctly remember walking him to the door and closing it, because he wanted his own, special invitation from Mom. I decided to think about it later, then it hit me. The windows were open in the living room, and one of 'em doesn't have a screen. Blaze considers that his own, personal, doggie door.

Sure enough, as I went back in the house to tell Sean I hadn't completely lost my mind, Blaze excited the same way he came in...through the window. Good thing we don't wash the windows! I'd hate to see him plastered against one like a bird!

July 06, 2007

Robin's Great Adventure

Yesterday, the husband called me while I was driving home "What is the puppy doing in the house?" Um...hello? Puppy in the house all day long...several horrible disasters loomed in my mind. "What did she destroy?" I asked carefully, not really wanting to know the answer. "Well, I haven't found anything yet, other than a lot of toys strewn all over." I breathed a thankful sigh of relief.

"So, how many times did she go potty in the house?" I then asked, wondering if the clean up would be left for me when I got home, she is, after all, my puppy, even if she's a suck-up to Daddy girl. "I can't find anything, but I'm not going in your craft room, I wouldn't know if anything was out of place there." Ok...I can live with that.

So, it appears, at about 4 1/2 months old, Robin is potty trained. We didn't find any puppy messes and she was darn eager to get outside.

But there's still the mystery of how she got INTO the house...everyone else was outside and the doors and windows were all locked and closed. I'm trying hard not to think too much about that.