May 24, 2006

Katie takes back to back Best of Breeds

What a weekend it was for Kaos! Ryder took his third point, winning under Judge Lamar Mathis (ok, all the other entries were puppies, but there were some nice puppies and a point is a point!). But the real fun started when the girls went in. Katie was in a single dog class and Satinka won her Open class (of 2). So the girls went back in for Winners with Grandma taking Katie in. Imagine her surprise (and mine!) when the judge gave Katie Winners Bitch (her FIRST POINT) and Tinks Reserve. The fun continued when Katie was given Best of Breed and Best of Winners. Ryder had to settle for Best of Opposite . So, Saturday afternoon saw our first appearance in the Group rings....where we didn't figure we were going to do anything, so we just tried not to embarass ourselves.

Sunday was another day of the same....Katie opened up her can o' whup ass on Tinks and took WB for her SECOND point, Best of Winners AND Best of Breed...oh, and this was AFTER Humvee slammed Ryder and took off with his first Winners Dog (but, sadly, no points). And Humvee did deserve that win because he really is the better of the two.

Ok, it was a small show, with no specials (that's no dogs who already have their championship and are competing only for Best of Breed) but you know what? We'll take it!

Grandma not only handled Katie to her first two points, but also to her first two Best of Breed wins (the first of many in her life we hope!).

Needless to say, I'm going to crush the competition by simply leaving Katie at home!!! We've got Mission Circuit coming up with 4 days of majors, Pasadena a small show where Tinks and Elvira will get a chance to show in Brace again and then the Camino Real Siberian Husky Club Specialties. After that, I think we're going to need some rest...but no....more shows after that! It's a good thing we have fun doing this!!!

May 16, 2006

Satinka Remembers Mother's Day!!!

Well, I may have looked calm and composed, but inside I was jumping up and down with joy. Satinka won her second point on Mother's Day. She must have known that Momma was ready for another purple ribbon (and the trophy...a beautiful etched glass piece...bonus!).

I'm so proud of Satinka I could burst (and that'd be messy) but she's two years old and really getting ready to hit her stride. Of course, we don't have the picture yet. When it gets here, and if it's good, it'll be over at

The house projects need work. I've got a tile guy coming in to give us an estimate to finish the floors, upstairs and down. A painting guy will come do all the painting (except any faux finishing treatments and the wall paper border I've chosen for the master bedroom). And Sean's task is to ask the neighbors for the number of the guy who did their framing/drywall work so we can get the library closed off. I can't WAIT until these projects are done. Done done done....finished, get my drift :-)

May 03, 2006

Saying Goodbye before Hello ever really happened...

A couple of weeks ago, Mom told me about Kiska. Kiska is a 15 yr old Siberian Husky who, along with her owner, was trapped in an abusive relationship for a number of years. The woman's attempt to leave left Kiska at the mercy of the abuser who starved her for two weeks to manipulate the woman into returning. This happened 9 months ago.

The woman finally made it out, Kiska was relinquished to a private SPCA organization and lived at a veterinary clinic. She has heart, liver and kidney issues and probably won't be around for a lot longer. She's deaf, and her old eyes are cloudy with cataracts. She gets hand fed homecooked meals. They take great care of her at the clinic she lives at; she's become sort of the office mascot.

After an hour visit with Kiska, we had rearranged our lives and hearts to make a space for Kiska at Kaos, for as long as she lived. It was hard, after losing Nikki, Sasha, Tasha, Bo and Shana, to open my heart to the thought of another rescue, one that I knew I'd come to love and lose far too soon. But this girl deserves so much. She deserves a home, she deserves to know life in a pack of Siberians.....I couldn't even fathom that someone would think she was better off living at the veterinary clinic.

But they did. The Board of the private SPCA decided that Kiska was better off at the clinic, in case she needed immediate medical attention. They were worried that the stress of moving to our house would do her in. I couldn't believe it when I heard the decision. I still can't. I'm hurt and I'm angry. I'm still upset, two weeks later.

I've lost her and I never had a chance to tell her how important she'd become in my life. She deserved to be as special to us as Katie Kit Kat or mydarlingRyder or Frostlette or Princess Pointy Nose Aleska or Satinka the Diva, Bubblehead Cheyenne and Bobblehead Lacy, snugglebug Ice or the longsuffering King Max...she deserved a shot at the kind of spoiled life that all of my crew know.

Goodbye, Kiska. I wish you could have been one of the Kaos Girls...even for a short time. Too bad we never really got a chance to say hello.