February 07, 2007

PETA shows its true colors

It's not all fun and games at Kaos. One of our passions is fighting against the animal rights movement as it encroaches on our ability to own our animals and make our own decisions about their lives. Here's one of our more serious moments:


Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Last week's trial of PETA employees ended in at least a partial vindication of the defendants, who were convicted only of littering, not animal cruelty. But People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals was revealed as a dishonest and misleading organization, which raises millions of dollars for its campaign to place all animals on the same plane as humans. PETA president Ingrid Newkirk's infamous comparison, "A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy," establishes the group's radical philosophy.

PETA has campaigned against "factory farms," against eating meat, against wearing fur and against "exploiting" animals as beasts of burden or household pets. The term "pet" is forbidden, by the way; the preferred term is "companion animal."

In 2005, PETA raised more than $25 million in tax-deductible contributions.

Testimony at last week's trial in Winton, however, painted a different picture of the organization. Two PETA employees had been caught dumping the carcasses of dogs and cats into a supermarket Dumpster. The animals had been "rescued" from animal shelters in Hertford and Bertie counties.

Shelter workers and other witnesses said that the PETA employees promised to find good homes for the animals. The defendants denied that charge, insisting that everyone knew the animals would be euthanized.

The judge in the case dropped the animal cruelty charges because the prosecution could present no evidence that the defendants had been intentionally cruel. What they had done was execute the collected animals in the back of a PETA van. When the stench of decaying flesh became too much, the defendants pulled over the van and dumped the carcasses into a trash bin. They were found guilty of littering.

Although PETA officials insisted they had done nothing wrong, what they had done was to reveal PETA's true nature. If "a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy," as the organization's theology claims, these workers had committed murder.

This glimpse of PETA's true colors should serve as a warning to the many Wilson County residents who are frustrated by the county's Animal Control problems. Some have been heard hreatening to get PETA involved. Spare us. Wilson County Animal Control has many shortcomings, which we hope are being solved. But PETA, the two-faced, puppy-killing organization, will not help Wilson County's Animal Control procedures or "rescue" its abandoned animals."

February 01, 2007

Why I'll never have "trained" Siberians.

I don't doubt that someone who knows what they're doing (both with a clicker and a Siberian ) could probably get wonderful results from my dogs... I also don't doubt that I'm NOT that person. I use a marker "good" with my "happy mom" voice when they've done something I've told them to do or they're doing something good (I'm not the only person that tells them what good dogs they are for lounging around, doing nothing, right?). And I've got my ACK or UH UH and NO with the appropriate voices too.

Last night Ryder and I had an entire conversational exchange...it went like this:

Ry: Hey, Mom, you're not going to eat all that pizza are you?
Me: Ryder, you should get OFF of me
Ry: OK, I got off, what do I get?
Me: "Good boy"
Ry: That's IT? How about some pizza?
Me: How about you get OFF? good
Ry: You suck.
Me. I don't care.
Ry: Are you sure I can't have some pizza? Maybe just some crust?
Me: Good sit!
Ry: Well, crap, if you'd wanted a sit, why didn't you just say so?