September 26, 2009

Don’t mess with my pet.™

Protect responsible pet owners.

You love your pet. You take good care of your pet. How would you feel if the government tried to limit your ability to have pets in your life?...Angry?...Scared?...Betrayed?...Well, it’s happening.

Each year, local, state and the federal governments propose thousands of laws that would restrict your ability to own pets – to include pet as vital members of your family. While we believe that some regulations are warranted to ensure that pets are well care for, we also believe that responsible pet ownership should be applauded, supported, and encouraged, not limited! If you are a responsible pet owner, why would the government not want you to love and care for a pet? Why, if you’re doing everything right, should the government be able to limit you from having and caring for a pet?

The answer is that, unfortunately, many government officials don’t understand how their bills might affect you, the responsible pet owner. Worse yet, some legislators may not care. Radical animal rights activists often spread misinformation among lawmakers and the general public, creating an atmosphere of poor decision-making. If they had their way, many of them would completely do away with pet ownership…period.

Help us protect responsible pet ownership by defending you and your pets against poorly written legislation.

Join the “Don’t Mess with My Pet” campaign and for your contribution of $25 a year, you can help us guard responsible pet ownership on behalf of you and your non-human family members. As a thank you from us, you’ll receive a free campaign t-shirt.