January 27, 2014

Checking in

It's been a while, hasn't it?  So much has changed in my life, almost all of it has been good change for me.  If you've missed the changes, I'm divorced, living with only five dogs and have returned to school part time to finish my bachelor's degree.  Those are the highlights.

And it seems, I've gotten complacent about how Siberians behave.  Saturday morning I left the back door into the dog area open so the dogs could laze around inside.  I heard a weird sound, hollered from the bedroom and it eventually stopped.  So I went back to sleep. Because quiet Siberian Huskies are sleeping Siberian Huskies, right?

Nope.  As it turns out they had decided it was time to explore the garage.  The garage "path" to the yard for them is formed with an expen; just an expen.  So, they opened the end and went into the "unpacked" area.  Frosty found (or someone found, but Frosty had it when I got up) a bottle of fish oil I was certain I had but couldn't find.  It's a little misshapen and has some holes in it but hey, I have fish oil for them now.  That explains the weird rattling noise.

And then I couldn't find Robin.  So I wandered out to the garage.  She was perched on top of an unstable stack of boxes waiting for me to come rescue her.  I was really tempted to let her stay there and see how long it took her to reverse course, but with the broken foot and all, I really didn't want to stand there.  So I rescued her.

Yep, it seems that they've lulled me into that false sense of security that experienced Siberian Husky owners know and dread.

And the adventure continues!