June 15, 2008

That was then....

Cleaning out the camera card, I found this adorable picture of The Emmy, taken on March 31. It made me laugh, looking at her perched on her little rock... ...especially since this June 12 picture was on the card too!

Emmy's been to her first match now. We realize a couple of things.
1. Puppies are not born knowing how to walk on a leash.
2. Puppies are not born liking a collar.

We expected Emmy, being an exceptional puppy, to be above those petty little details. She happily showed us that she isn't! So it's off to a few handling classes for Miss Emmy before she makes her debut in the show ring.

In non-Emmy news, Katie and her boy Zach have been working so hard in Junior Showmanship. They only need few more wins and they'll get an invitation to Eukanuba. And Zach has taken over handling Katie in the ring too. She shows better for him than she ever did for me! They've take some reserves, including a major reserve at the Mission Circuit shows. I expect them to take their first point any weekend now.

And Mr. Blaze is well on his way to being Mr. Ch. Blaze. With a 2nd major at Mission Circuit, he just needs two pesky little points to be done in the show ring for a while. Neither of us can wait! Robin, on the other hand, is stubbornly refusing to grow hair so that she doesn't have to go to shows...leaving me with either showing the untrained Emmy or just going to watch Zach. I haven't decided which way that is going to go yet.