September 28, 2006

Why we're Kaos Siberians

There's a reason we chose our kennel name. It'll become very clear in the next minute or two of reading.

I received a call on my way home last night from the husband, and he didn't sound particularly happy. "Who left the house last this morning?" "Um, I did, why? What did I do?" "It's not so much what you did, as what you didn't didn't close the dog door."

At that point, oh SH*T was the only thing I had to say. Luckily, there wasn't too much of that!

They had gone through the garbage can in the cabinet under the sink, making sure there was nothing edible being thrown out. They had gone upstairs and gotten MUD all over my bed (someone marked on my pillow too...nice), visited the stamp room and pulled stuff down (like you can really tell!) and marked on some of the iris carts, gone into the blocked off library and pulled a lot of treats out of the dog cabinet to it any wonder that everyone had the runs?, marked all of the plastic sheeting draped on the furniture in there but...the best of all...somehow Blaze got behind the couch (it's not in its usual place, but in front of the empty TV alcove) and got stuck. We suspect the went over the back of the couch or dogs jumping on the couch pushed it back, blocking him in. Other than a little potty spot, no damage there....thankfully he did NOT get bored and chew on Daddy's newly run speaker wires!

Sean says coming home to find 11 Siberians greeting him at the front door was a little disconcerting. I'm just happy he got home first and did all the clean up! Oddly enough, they were all pretty tired and when I decided it was bed time at about 9pm, they were already sacked out all over the floor.

This morning? I double checked all the doors! And all day long I've been fighting a compulsion to drive home and check on them.

September 19, 2006

Purple and Gold!!!

No, not the University of Washington Huskies....but the Kaos Siberians!

Last weekend we drove about 7 1/2 hours up to beautiful Prescott, Arizona. I tell you, if I won the lottery, and had a private plane, I'd consider moving up there. The drive up the side of the mountain is torture for someone with vertigo, a fear of heights...but this year I took the trusty Mom who did all the long driving (thank you, Mom!).

We checked into our hotel around 2am and I decided that Tinks and Hummee were quite happy tucked in their crates in the car for the 5 hours I was going to nap before getting ready to show. Note: 10 mo old puppies should NOT be denied their usual activity for a day prior to showing if one expects them to behave as if they're trained show dogs.

Ok, fast forward past all the boring chit chat about setting up, getting ready, greeting friends....Results dang it, give me results!

Saturday was a bust. Hummee had a good time (see note above) and Tinks went Reserve Winners Bitch (her 8th or 9th) to a lovely bitch. I guess if you have to lose, its not as bad when you lose to a dog you like, right?

Sunday, however, was Kaos' day! Hummee was Winners Dog, for his 2nd point. Satinka was WB for her 4th point. Then, come Best of Breed, Hummee got it! WOOHOO!!! My baby boy has his first BOB win...over a special mind you. That just makes it a little more special, beating a dog who already has his/her championship. And Satinka...she was Best of Opposite...again, over that special :-)

Reality crashed down on us in the group ring (translation: we didn't do anything) but I've still got that purple and gold ribbon for Hummee!

September 13, 2006

The Diary of Blaze

Momma is leaving me home with Daddy this weekend to go to a show...I can't wait till I'm old enough to go to shows. But I think Daddy is going to let me play outside all day long with the big dogs because Hummee won't be home. Sometimes Hummee and I play a little rough and Momma is worried that I'll get hurt 'cause I'm smaller than he is. I think travelling with Momma is going to be fun. She gives me a box up where I can watch out the windows and there's SO much going on. I get tired just thinking about it. Next weekend I get to go to somewhere called Santa Ana...and then Momma said I get to go somewhere called Donner Trail and see my doggie-daddy. That'll be FUN.

I went to my first puppy match last weekend and it was FUN. You wouldn't BELIEVE the amount of treats and toys and oh...the belly rubs and attention from people. And then there are all the other dogs to play was GREAT fun! I can see why Satinka and Hummee like going to shows so much. The only downside was that I had to have a bath I work so hard getting dirty and them Momma and Gramma take it all off. Momma says I have more matches coming up; I'll bet she's got lots of good toys for me there too...and I always get to meet so many fun dogs to play with. Sometimes some of the dogs don't want to play with me, because I'm a puppy....but the ones that do are really fun.

Momma says I'm too little to go to the National this year, but next year I'll get to go. She's taking Satinka and Hummee, so I'll have to play with Katie and Aleska a lot while Hummee's gone. I'll surprise him and GROW while he's gone until I'm as big as he is.

Blaze, The Stepford Puppy (I thought I was a Siberian puppy, but Gramma and Momma say I'm a Stepford puppy)

September 06, 2006

She flies through the air.....

And the flying part didn't hurt, but dang, I gotta work on those landings.

Last weekend was another dog show (shocker, eh?) up in Grass Valley, California. After getting mostly ready to go, I took off from work early on Friday to start the drive. About Stockton I realized I was using WAY too many lanes and pulled over to a safe parking lot to nap. So, I arrived about 3 hours later than planned at my destination. The plan was to toss Blaze into an xpen in Lori's kitchen...he lives in a xpen at my house, no problem, right? WRONG. Blaze didn't like Lori's kitchen. So I took him out to the van to sleep with Tinks and Hummee. Apparently he didn't much care for that plan either....but the guest room is at the back of the house...Blaze, the open window and my hostess' bedroom were at the front. I slept well anyway.

Saturday morning rolls around, way too soon and we head off to the show. I hand Hummee off to his co-owner, Uncle Tony (yes, everyone my dogs come in contact with get cute "relative" names) and settle in to watch until it's time to get Tinks ready. Then our turn comes. We excecute our down and back without any major goofs and then get ready to take our turn around the ring. About halfway around someone moved the ground! I put my foot down and the ground isn't there....then, all of a sudden it is, and I'm on it! Ringside spectators said it was a beautiful, graceful slide. How embarassing. And, not only did I fall, but I didn't even get the sympathy "make the cut" from the judge...which in hindsight doesn't matter much, because it means I didn't have to run around the ring again.

Sunday morning came around, again WAY too soon and we headed back to the show grounds. This time, I didn't show. I handed off Tinks and Hummee because Saturday's "graceful fall" left me feeling quite sore. Hummee took a 4th in a large open class...but the big excitment of the day was that his sister, Roxie, took Best of Breed and a Group 4 placement (that's a Big Deal).

Monday morning, long drive home...sucky traffic over the Grapevine, 3 hour nap at Lake Hughes to get out of traffic...and the long weekend is over.

Boy, I've got one heck of an exciting life. Don't I?