March 13, 2009

It's been one week since you looked at me...

Cocked your head to the side and said....Ok, so maybe the BareNaked Ladied are owed an apology.
She didn't exactly "say" anything except "get me the heck out of here!" We picked Miss Screechlette, up last week at the Orange County Airport at 11pm at night. We heard her from across the baggage claim area and rushed over to get her out of the crate before somone called the authorities. Satinklette #3 (actually #1, she was the first born) is back at Kaos for a while. A sweeter, more adorable puppy from this litter I've yet to meet (knock on wood, I think the other two are staying in their current homes!). After spending some growing up time at her Mom's old stomping grounds at Apache Run in Texas, Miss Sage is a California girl again. After a few adjustment (in other words after Satinka told her exactly how life at Kaos was going to be for Miss Sage) she's settling in like she never left. Banish the thought!Emmy's not exactly thrilled to have competition for Mom's attention, and she lets Sage know at every opportunity that she's the one who really lives here and is Momma's sweet darling baby girl (as opposed to Satinka, Momma's darling girl and Robin, Momma's Sweet Sweet darling girl). But Sage shakes it off and continues on her merry way.
I'm having fantasies of living somewhere that I can keep the entire litter when I want to....someone, quick, Pinch Me.